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Support for young scientists


One of the Institute’s key objectives is to provide exceptional training opportunities for young scientists across all phases of their careers. This encourages them to experience their field from multiple angles, and develop their own unique perspectives. As an independent institute, the LIT can offer a wide range of training programs. Students studying relevant subject areas can do their Bachelor and Master theses here, and are integrated into the Institute’s scientific life from the very beginning. Doctoral students go through a structured graduate program which results in a qualification spanning a broad range of disciplines. To support these individuals with their research, the LIT has implemented a junior research group program which encourages young scientists to pursue a career in further academia or an industry-based management position.


More information about our different programs are available here:

Bachelor Programs

Master Programs

MD Programs

PhD Programs

Postdoctoral Training



Education coordinator:

Prof. Dr. Uwe Ritter
Certified Immunologist Dgfi

Tel: +49 941 944–18125