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Members of the German Bundestag visit the LIT

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    January 24, 2024

Peter Aumer and Katrin Staffler, members of the German Bundestag, visited the LIT on January 24, 2024. The Scientific Director, Prof. Dr. Philipp Beckhove, introduced the parliamentarians to the institute’s work and highlighted chances and challenges for biomedical research.

LIT scientists Prof. Hinrich Abken, Prof. Matthias Edinger, Prof. Markus Feuerer, Dr. Roland Schelker and Prof. Simone Thomas delivered presentations on the cutting-edge research of the LIT divisions and groups, highlighting recent milestones of their translation into innovative immunotherapies for the cure of life threatening diseases.

Administrative Director Brigitte Herbst, Dr. Roland Schelker, Prof. Simone Thomas, MdB Katrin Staffler, Prof. Hinrich Abken, Scientific Director Prof. Dr. Philipp Beckhove, MdB Peter Aumer, Prof. Matthias Edinger and Prof. Markus Feuerer (left to right)