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The LIT’s primary focus is to develop innovative cell therapeutics to improve medical care for common diseases such as cancer and autoimmunity. We also work on developing medicinal solutions suitable for broader application.

The Technology Transfer Office works at the interface between academic research and commercialization. The Office supports scientists across the entire processfrom securing Intellectual Property (IP) through to research, development, collaboration with commercial partners, and licensing.

The Institute’s research and development activities are supported by end-to-end project management, liaison with commercial partners, negotiation of material transfer, support with strategic collaborations, and the drawing up of licensing agreements. Granting a license to a commercial partner ensures that LIT breakthroughs are developed into marketable products. The LIT, as IP owner, grants by licensing agreement the exclusive or non-exclusive right to the licensee to use or exploit the invention for their specific purpose. Licensing agreements can cover materials, chemicals, cells, transgenic mice, software, and other forms of intellectual property. The LIT is free to file agreements with multiple commercial partners, universities, and governmental agencies to best leverage its unique assets. For licensing enquiries, please contact Professor Beckhove or Professor Abken:


Prof. Philipp Beckhove

Scientific Director LIT
Head of Research Division | Interventional Immunology

Tel: +49 941 944–38101


Prof. Hinrich Abken

Head of Research Division | Genetic Immunotherapy

Tel: +49 941 944–38111