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01 | Mouse Models

The Mouse Models Platform integrates and harmonizes experimental mouse models for the in-vivo evaluation, systematic comparison, and preclinical testing of innovative cellular therapeutics developed at the LIT. The platform provides an optimized portfolio of cutting-edge models, information on their experimental execution, as well as timely dissemination of the latest developments.


02 | Synthetic Immunology

The Synthetic Immunology Research Platform brings together LIT researchers to engineer immune cells which can yield novel immunological functions. The Platform hosts frequent meetings for users to come together and share progress made in their individual synthetic immunology projects. This format encourages the exchange of new ideas, discussions around genetic tooling, and fosters strong partnerships between different LIT groups.


03 | New targets

Using the Target Discovery Platform, LIT scientists exchange and discuss their findings on mechanisms, critical nodes, and disease tipping points which cause immune dysregulation. This platform ultimately provides a launch pad for identifying novel target structures for therapeutic intervention, and for respective collaborative drug development projects across LIT Divisions and Research Groups.

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