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All postdoctoral fellows can take part in frequent upskilling events within their division, and participate in regular cross-institutional training events. These include a weekly Journal Club and Work in Progress Seminar, as well as the monthly international LIT Lecture Series.

Additionally, postdoctoral scientists are encouraged to take part in the continuous education events offered by a range of research consortia that the LIT is associated with.

Fellows have the opportunity to discuss their progress and achievements personally with the head of their division at least once a week. And have annual structured feedback sessions with them as well.

All postdoctoral fellows are expected to participate in an international congress at least once a year and present their work there. And to further promote their interests, they may attend the so-called Postdoc Council. From here, two representatives are selected to attend regular Staff Council meetings with the LIT Board of Directors.


The LIT offers a number of opportunities to promote self-discovery and career progression. These include:

  • participating in job fairs (at least once every two years)
  • attending regular information events on career opportunities both in and outside of academia
  • inviting external speakers to come and talk
  • receiving personalized feedback through formal career discussions