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Dr. Thomas Goppel, former Bavarian State Minister, visits the LIT

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    September 29, 2023

Dr. Thomas Goppel, Prof. Dr. Reinhard Andreesen, Brigitte Herbst (from right to left), Prof. Dr. Philipp Beckhove (5th from right), researchers and staff of LIT.

The former Bavarian State Minister for Science and the Arts, Dr. Thomas Goppel, and Ministerial Councilor Florian Albert visited on September 21, 2023, to get information about the latest developments in immunological research at the LIT. Both were impressed by the potential of new immunotherapies developed in Regensburg.

Dr. Thomas Goppel was longtime chair and initiator of the board of trustees, which accompanied and supported the development of Regensburg Center for Interventional Immunology (RCI) into the Leibniz Institute for Immunotherapy (LIT). During his current visit, he talked to Scientific Director Prof. Philipp Beckhove, Administrative Director Brigitte Herbst, former Scientific Director of RCI, Prof. Dr. Reinhard Andreesen, and met researchers and other staff.