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Regensburg Oncology Prize 2023 goes to LIT scientist Christian Schmidl

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    August 2, 2023

Doctor Christian Schmidl was awarded 1st place in the 'basic research' category

This prize honors work published on the subject of 'Oncology,' and was presented at the University Hospital of Regensburg during the 'Highlights from the American Cancer Congress—Innovations in Cancer Therapy' event. The award-winning work from Christian Schmidl's Research Group investigates epigenetic changes in tumor-infiltrating T cells that distinguish functional from dysfunctional (exhausted) T cells. These observations can be used in the future to genetically modify immune cells and strengthen their antitumor activity.

Dr. Christian Schmidl

Honored work, published in Molecular Cell, 2023:

Integrated single-cell profiling dissects cell-state-specific enhancer landscapes of human tumor-infiltrating T cells. Riegel D, Romero-Fernández E, Simon M, Adenugba AR, Singer K, Mayr R, Weber F, Imbusch CD, Kreutz M, Brors B, Ugele I, Werner JM, Siska PJ, Schmidl C. bioRxiv:2022.2003.2016.484513 (2022)

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