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Scientific Director Prof. Philipp Beckhove speaks in German Bundestag

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    October 13, 2023

Prof. Dr. Philipp Beckhove (4th from right) and members of the “Eastern Bavaria Circle”

The Scientific Director of the Leibniz Institute for Immunotherapy (LIT), Prof. Philipp Beckhove, visited the German Bundestag on September 26, 2023.

He delivered a presentation in front of the “Eastern Bavaria Circle”, an association of deputies from Eastern Bavaria, and participated in a roundtable discussion on “Cutting-edge Research in Germany”, where he highlighted exceptional research outcomes in the field of immunocellular therapeutics at the LIT. Prof. Beckhove also pointed out to the members of parliament the challenging conditions for biomedical research in Germany. He attributed these, for example, to non-specialized overregulation and a zero-risk strategy.

The attending deputies were impressed by the excellent research conducted at LIT. Subsequently, possibilities were discussed to enhance the international competitiveness of biomedical research in Germany.